The Canon T7i bundle just got better, but how much better?

If you have a passion for taking quality photos or recording videos, you need to know the importance of buying the Canon T7i bundle.

The Canon T7i bundle has gained more praise from many customers who have used it when compared to its competitive mid-level cameras that are now in the market.

When you want to buy a Canon Rebtel T7i, you are required to look at the personal accessories options in the bundle. This camera is loved by many people because of the best features and they are able to meet their needs. Here is the T7i bundle buying guide.


The important thing which you need to consider when buying a Canon T7i as a bundle is cost-effective of which will save you money. The right one will save you $100 when you buy it. The company which produces these cameras normally offers them to people with great discounts which are different to other accessories.

Canon T7i lenses improvement

When it comes to performance, your camera lens becomes the main factor that you need to consider. When buying a camera bundle the Canon T7i lenses are when it comes to protective gear. Because of this, you will be offered with the original bag that will keep all accessories this camera very secure.

The accessories of the T7i bundle are very expensive and this is the crucial thing that you won’t at any cost to damage or misplace due to lack of proper storage. When you are sure of their security then you need to consider buying them.

Assurance of original accessory

When you want to but the Canon T7i bundle, there are high chances of buying them the malicious dealers. This will make you end up buying a low-quality accessory that will frustrate you once you buy it. Because of this, assurance of getting the original one to become the major factor that you need to consider. With this, you’re assured to buy the original one that will last for a long time.

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Best Nikon D3500 lens for portraits

It’s not uncommon for a photographer to want to get into portrait photography. If you do decide to start taking portrait photos, you should consider getting the right Nikon D3500 lens to capture those amazing photos.

Nikon D3500 lens for portraits

While there are many great lenses that can do the job, here are three of the best Nikon D3500 lenses for portraits.

NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G

This lens for the Nikon D3500 is a classic in its field. It’s known for the high quality and maximum detail it provides in the images it takes. It is most notable for the amount detail that is captured in the shadows of subjects and objects.

This D3500 lens provides sharpness that is difficult to find in any other lens. It also has great focusing because it is fast and accurate. Try this lens out if you’re looking to capture some high quality and detailed portraits.

NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

This one is a fan favorite for its beautiful background blur feature. It holds up well when shooting at night and is great for live videos also.

The autofocus on this lens is silent, which means you won’t hear it when recording video. You can even switch from autofocus to manual seamlessly, allowing you to take full control of your shooting.

As stated before, you can shoot at night with this lens. It’s low light capabilities are great for evening dinner parties, weddings, capturing landscapes, and nature. This feature alone sets it apart from most of its competition. You’re gonna want this lens with the Nikon D3500 if you love to shoot and night or want a nice aesthetic to your images.

Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8

Like the lens mentioned above, this lens is usually paired with a Nikon D3500 bundle and delivers spectacular background blurring. It is the smallest telephoto lens in its class. It delivers an amazing image using its Extra-Low Dispersion Glass. Try this one out if you need wider, high-quality photos and videos.

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A guide to Canon T6 bundle deals

The CanonT6 is about the cheapest DSLR in the market at the moment giving an excellent value for the cost of purchase. This makes the camera the first option for more beginners and professional photographers alike. Photography is a costly hobby and the Canon T6 bundle deals on will certainly help one save some cash.

Top Canon T6 deals guide

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon T6 deals

The Canon Rebel T6 is definitely worth purchasing.” I believe it is one of the best value DSLR I have encountered”, raved one of the reviewers. Highlights, according to the reviews, include the fact that it is lightweight, takes beautiful pictures, and works well in dimly lit environments. Another reviewer noted, “I usually appreciate food mode, produced to capture perfect food photos”. In terms of negatives, the reviewers pointed out the need for a touchscreen display. The reviewers also noticed it is much duller to focus in Live Mode. The pictures taken with this camera turned out very lovely.

2. Canon T6 2 lenses bundle

Canon T6 lenses

When we think of design, we usually think of either shape or color. Although in the case of the Canon EOS Rebel T6 lenses, it is the efficiency that stands out. This entry-level DSLR beats other cameras with top-notch support to guarantee steady-grip and steady shots because the way a camera sits in the hand is essential, the T6i’s large handle makes it particularly suitable for every palm size.

Photographs can be taken using either with the manual viewfinder or the three-inch LCD touchscreen. The LCD display also doubles as a quick menu system to easily change control functions like the autofocus, display, and aperture, as well as analyzing images and video.

In Conclusion, there remain more types of Canon T6 bundles available in the market, so you can choose the best bundle deals. It is important to consider quality above size when it comes to picture taking and it normally shows in one’s pictures, so try to factor it when making the decision.

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Why are Cheap GoPro cameras so popular?

People may have a varying test for cameras. This has been the norm until cheap GoPro cameras were introduced to the market. Within a moments GoPro cameras popularity was unmatched. This was due to the exciting feature the cameras come with.

One might argue that the greatness of a camera is determined by the ability of the user to handle it perfectly. But with GoPro cameras, I can assure you that it will get you rolling no matter what. So what makes this GoPro cameras popularity to increase? This could be a question that you have been asking yourself for a long time. Well, here we will provide answers for you.
We will be able to go through some of the reasons or factors that make GoPro popular.

Why are cheap GoPro cameras so popular?

• They are tiny hence easy to carry
cheap GoPro
Cheap GoPro cameras can be easily carried around due to their size. You can even carry the camera in your pocket rather than saving space for them in your bag or luggage. You can even use the camera without alerting any security officers.
• They are strong and rugged
These cameras are specially made to withstand any temperature in a given setting. They have a special casing, they are waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof. This feature enables you to forget the worries of choosing the venue for shooting.
With GoPro cameras, there is no complex procedure for you to operate them. They have automatic settings that will provide exactly what you aspire to get as end results. They also have new night’s modes that help in low light areas. This gives you the freedom to aim for a perfect shoot.
• Wide angle
The cameras come with a distinctive ultra-wide- angle fish-eye look. You can adjust the lenses for the narrow view as well. They can take large subjects perfectly, hence good for taking action pics.


The discussed above are reasons that give GoPro cameras popularity tag. You can agree with as that they do deserve the tag for all these amazing features.
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Canon 80D bundle buying guide

Every camera has different aspects that makes it stand out unique from the rest. Judging from some features it’s easy to confuse one camera for another. This is why you must pay keen interest in the features of the camera before acquiring it.

Canon 80D bundle

The Canon 80D is among the best cameras a photographer can get his hands on. The big question is which features should you look for when acquiring this particular camera? What lies in the Canon 80D bundle?

This guide will help you achieve the best and have a broad understanding of the Canon 80D camera and various additional accessories.

Canon 80D Lenses

If the Canon 80D bundle package comes with an extra 55-200mm lens. This means that it will cost you a bit more than when it comes without that additional lens. Despite the extra cost that is reflected by the lens in the package. One is guaranteed high-quality images that uplift your standards as a photographer. The more capable you lens it the more quality images you provide.

A tripod

To produce still images or taking a film that requires stability, a tripod will work perfectly to provide you with the best images and video quality. In the Canon 80D bundle kit you will find a tripod, it also comes with an extra cost but it’s totally worth it.

A storage device

All the images and videos captured by the Canon 80D are of high quality. This means that they require a huge storage capacity. With the Canon 80D bundle comes a storage device. Memory cards are the best in the market for storage since they fit perfectly in the storage compartment. They come in different sizes depending on the size, their cost will vary as well.

A wireless remote control and cleaning kit

A wireless remote control will help you operate your camera from a distance and get the best images and videos for your YouTube channel and many more .if you intend to use the camera for long hours, then the cleaning kit will come in hand to help you maintain your camera at all time.

The following accessories and many more are the amazing equipment you can find in the Canon 80D bundle package. Get the Canon 80D with the bundle accessories for the best images you will ever take. Take your photography to the next level.

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Canon T6i refurbished buying guide for 2019

Canon refurbished cameras return to manufacturer for various reasons. However, most generally detect small defects, packaging is damaged and used for demonstration purposes. Especially when cameras are restored, they are considered, reassured, tested and, if necessary, are purified. If you pass through the tests, they will be given less cost-effective access to the brand and you will be given a new name.

Photography is empowerment, though it’s a great entertainment activity. The more changes, the more expensive you’re going to be. If you have to decide on the right choice when choosing a valid breach for your financial agreement, you must take a test. The best camera in the line is expensive. In this way, some people keep separate from the new plastic camera, however, to choose different choices that the new alternative is most deserving. However, many are not happy to have the camera returned with this effect has.

Canon T6i refurbished purchasing guide

Canon T6i refurbished

Many people see the Canon T6i refurbished again as a second hand and ask why they can not only buy second hand from a boyfriend. If you are such a person, the lower is the benefits of the modified Canon T6i.

Canon T6i is a well-planted camera that is very expensive. However, if you have a hard-to-use application and you need to write a case, the Canon T6i that may be approved may be the best decision for you. Amendments go to incredible restoration. It takes after the new, however, at low cost.

Quality certification

Especially when Canon T6i returns to the shape, it is often verified once. However, in an attempt to be restored, two attempts are presented to ensure that it works properly. The obsolete Canon T6i shortcomings have already been identified and resolved. This promise encourages the best features to enhance your work as photographer taker or entertaining effort without effort.


In disagreeing the belief that the restored camera has no guarantee, Canon T6i comes with a minimum of 3 years warranty. The warranty says that the camera does not damage in equipment and work. If it does not work carefully since now, you have been fully saved.


However, if you are emphasized for having an attractive camera for your photos and entertainment exercises, you do not have the total to get one, you’ve changed the Canon T6i. You find a camera that works as a new camera at a costly cost. The basic issue is the correct action course. For this guide, you will find a camera that manages your financial housing and has been taught.

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Nikon D3400 bundle review and buying guide for 2019

When you purchase a camera package, you save a lot of cash and time. The Nikon D3400 bundle comes with the top accessories so you can begin shooting in various circumstances quickly. It as well saves you the issue of looking for tripods, lens filters, etc. The following are the most widely known accessories you will get in a D3400 package.


This is one of the top accessories in photography. It balances out the picture and enables you to take photographs of yourself.


Nikon D3400 lens

The most crucial accessory of all. With DSLR you can always switch the lens and thus pick the correct device for your specific setting. Other Nikon D3400 package arrives with one, two or three lens. As well finding out about the various kind of Nikon D3400 lens will enable you to take a lot of pictures.

UV Filters

A lot of photographers leave their UV filters for all time on their lenses. The UV filters are suitable when you have a great deal of UV light and your video and images are hazy. The best guidance for you will be to strive for yourself and see what you love best.

Camera Case

It not the best option to carry your camera using a backpack. A camera bag will carry your camera so that you keep to remember without forgetting it.

Extra Battery

Taking pictures too uses a lot of energy. Despite the fact that the lithium battery from the producer is strong and of good quality, having backup batteries is a necessity. Proficient photographers always carry 3 to 2 back up batteries while going out to shoot a major occasion. A quick battery charger can as well prove to be useful.

Shade Release Remote

When you want to include yourself in a photo. Carrying this remote will enable you to do that. Set your camera to your coveted position and utilize the remote to trigger the image from a distance.

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The Best Wide-Angle Lens For Nikon D3300

Nikon’s D3300 is one of the leading entry-level DSLR’s available at great price. Its EXPEED 4 image processor, Wi-Fi connection, and in-camera distortion corrector make this a best-buy product of the year. It comes with an 18-55mm kit lens which definitely gives good results, but who doesn’t like something better. Here are the best wide-angle lenses for Nikon D3300 that will take your photography to next level.

1. Nikon 55-300 mm f/4.5-5.6 VR

This lens is perfect for complimenting the original lens. In addition, it gives you complete coverage from wide angles (a feature missing with the original lens). This lens usually comes in the Nikon D3300 bundle kit and will also give you the longest zoom taking you to a 450mm equivalent. This is the best lens if you are someone who loves wildlife photography. But the important thing to note is the extra weight of the lens (it is heavy and expensive).

Nikon D3300 bundle kit

2. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 DX II

This lens is for those who find other lenses too expensive on their pockets. The best feature about this wide-angle lens is the fast f/2.8 aperture that helps in amazing low light performance. This lens does have its own flaws, but for the price it comes, it is the best option for aspiring landscape photographers.

3. Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR

This is literally the all-in-one lens for capturing everything right from wildlife to wide-angle shots. It has a wide zoom range equivalent to 27-450mm but with it comes the weight too. Moreover, this lens has vibration reduced for the events of low light and produces sharp images. The only thing to keep in mind is the high price tag that comes along with this lens.

4. Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5

This is the best wide-angle lens so far but mentioned last because of its heavy price. The focal length of this lens is just ow’ that is equivalent to 15mm-36mm on a 35mm camera. The downside of this lens for Nikon D3300 (as of all the wide-lens) is the low light performance.

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Tips to pick a good wedding photographer.

We choose our wedding photographers by looking at their work and talking to them. When you look at their catalog there will be signs that this photographer knows how to make his clients pose and he knows how to compose the shot. Moreover, when he talks to you he should inquire about the guests that will be in the group shots.

I will tell you more about each of these topics.

wedding photography


This first quick tip will help you spot a lousy photographer. Do his shots appear dynamic or are the bride and groom just standing there doing nothing? If these photos look dull, you should skip this photographer and find someone that knows how to do poses. A professional knows how to stage and capture intimate moments. Example of dynamic shots would be- the bride and groom staring into each other’s souls, are they in an embrace or sharing a laugh?

A common pose used by professional wedding photographers is the Hourglass Silhouette pose. This pose is easily recognizable and is done by having the bride bend her front leg so that her weight rests on her back foot. This reduces the silhouette of the legs and makes the hips look bigger. So if you see this pose, then this photographer is competent.

Also when going through the catalog watch the brides’ posture. Are the women in the photograph slumping their shoulders and backs ? or are their backs straight and strong. A good wedding photographer will make sure his subject’s profile is at its most pleasing, and so if the bride or groom has a bad posture it is because the photographer did not do his job.

Another noticeable sign of a good photographer is that the subject will always be doing something with their hands. This is because people standing before the camera either get bored, stiff or anxious. Their mental state often appears through their hands. So the photographer will keep their hands busy by having the bride or groom do stuff like hold a bouquet, adjust their tie, play with their hair, etc.

If your groom is reading this and wondering why there aren’t any instructions for men, fret not! There are some. When shooting men we want them to look imposing so often we will have them lean forward. Also unlike brides, we like to have your arms more prominently in the shot, we do this to show off how big and tough they look. If you have weak skinny arms, well hit the gym buddy!


For a wedding, photography composition is not a vast subject but it is nevertheless important. You see there is something called the horizon line. In every photograph, the horizon will appear or be implied in relation to the subject. Good photographers ensure that the horizon does not appear at the elbows, knees, hips or ankle.

Knowing the guests

A sign of a good photographer is that he will ask questions about the guests so that he can plan the group shots. They ask questions so that they can avoid awkward situations, like putting exes in the same shot or keeping people with grudges in the same shot. Moreover, he will want to know which people are close friends so that he will group them together to make some fun & dynamic shots. If he has not asked you these questions, then you know you are dealing with an amateur.

This guide will help you spot the professional from the amateur. Have an amazing wedding and congratulations on finding the love of your life!

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