Friday, March 20, 2015

The First Day of Spring

Hallelujah! It's the first day of spring.

 I thought it might never happen this year but the Earth turned on its axis, and traveled its normal course, so all is well.  I am so looking forward to getting out in the garden.  Most of the snow in my front yard has disappeared and I can smell the wet earth.  Bad for allergies but great for the soul.

One of these days soon I will be outside trying to get my back and legs into shape as I bend and stretch picking up wet leaves and pulling missed weeds and last year's stems.  If  I see you outside taking a walk, stop in for a visit or come back here for a virtual visit.  Looking forward to touching base with all of you again.  .
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RobinL said...

Spring is slow to arrive this year, and it's making me crazy! I was just talking about my fitness for gardening. I actually hired a trainer a few months ago, and I just realized that it might not be so tough to on me to start my gardening again this year, like it usually is. I can hope!