Monday, August 25, 2014

Volunteers in my Garden

   Did you have any volunteers in your garden?  And by that I don't mean your neighbors who were helping you to weed.  I mean those wonderful surprises that show up completely on their own.
   This year I was surprised to find a beautiful tiger lily in my daylily garden.  Most likely the seed was dropped by a bird.  I truly love it, but the problem is it decided to some up right in the middle of Enchanted Elegance.  So now a little surgery is on order before fall  while I can still tell where it is.

   Another beauty popped up in the border garden.  I was pulling "weeds" all spring but I missed one, and this is what I got -- wild ox-eye daisies.  I couldn't bear to pluck them once they started to bloom.  The problem is that  now they will drop seeds, and I'll have them everywhere.  I know they're trouble, but I'm such a sucker for daisies!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Up Against the Sun and Mikado Morn

Last year I purchased one new daylily and received a bonus plant along with it.  This year I saw their blooms for the first time and I was so pleased.  One a gentle soft color and the other a knockout!

 This first one is Mikado Morn.  I love how the soft buttery yellow
 seems to be painted with delicate brush strokes of pink.  With the ruffled edges, it's truly a lady's flower.

Now, this one, is called Up Against the Sun and it truly makes a statement.  The orange is very different from other orange daylilies, and I'm not quite sure that it comes across in the picture.  It's strong and powerful, and looks good enough to eat!

When I started a daylily garden over again after moving away from my home of 18 years, I was sure I would just have a few flowers.  But I love gardening so much and soon knew that I couldn't give it up.  Part of the fun is adding new flowers to the garden, and so I have forgiven myself for buying more because it makes me happy.  What else can a girl do?  I don't buy shoes like some women do, and although I love new clothes, I hate shopping for them, so that is always a problem.  Flowers it is.  Nothing makes me happier than to be in a nursery roaming through the plants.
What's next?  You knew it already.  I bought another dayliliy and a bonus plant came with it.  I can't for next year to see Tall, Dark, and Handsome, and Star of the North!

You might also like to visit my other blogs: An Herbal Bedfellow, & Grabbin' A Bite,