Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beyond My Boobs - Book review

 This is my second book review in a few days.  Why?  Because I am a wannabe author, and I have a few fabulous author friends who have recently published.
This book, Beyond my Boobs, is very special. And the author, Angie Christine,  is even more so.

   Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer just a few months before her 37th birthday.  We were all shocked as anyone is when they discover their loved one or friend has been given this news. But what Angie did with this news is what is so awesome. She began keeping a journal from day 1, about everything said at her doctors' appointments and all of her questions and feelings as they emerged along the way, knowing that at the end of the tunnel she would pass this information on to others.

   Were there down days?  Of course, but not for long.  Angie's faith is extraordinary, and even when she was in pain after surgery, she was still telling everyone how wonderful her God and Savior was to her. Her upbeat message affected everyone around her, including the doctors and nurses.
She tells a powerful story with messages and notes from friends and family included within the chapters.  It's easy to read and also very informative coming from a young woman's perspective.

   Angie is now cancer free and her message is inspiring to all. Mere months after her diagnosis and surgery Angie was  named Cancer Survivor of the Year in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. She continues to spread words of hope and inspiration by walking and giving speeches for Susan G. Komen, walking the runaway as a model at her plastic surgeon's annual gala, and recently she has taken on a very large project of her own to raise funds for cancer research.
   If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed, this book is for you. If you are one of those rare people on Earth who have not been touched by cancer in some way, you will still get be motivated and strengthened to meet the challenges in your life.
I highly recommend Beyond My Boobs.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This Book Is Funny Review

   What does this book have to do with gardening, nature, or herbs?  Absolutely nothing!  But Michelle Sandoval, is an author friend of mine.  I've known her since she was very young. And I like to help promote my friends'  businesses and ventures.  I consider it being loyal.

   Besides that, this book is just plain funny - like the title declares. Michelle has a very unique style of humor.  It's difficult to get inside her head sometimes.  But she has always made me laugh with the unexpected way she views life. While reading her book of short stories, I came to understand how absolutely off-the-wall my friend really is.
   Each story is totally and completely different from the next, stretching time spans from the caveman to the 1940s and '50s. I realized through reading this collection of stories, that I may not have ever known my friend at all.  I kept saying to myself, "Who is this person?" But I thoroughly enjoyed each and every new discovery as I turned the pages. I often laughed out loud, quoting phrases to whoever was around and would listen. I read quite a few of them out loud to my husband - we often share with each other that way.   He would look at me and say, "Who is this Sandoval person?"
   All I can tell you is that these little vignettes are weird, funny, bizarre and full of puns and crazy humor.  If that sounds like something you'd like, grab it now!  It's on sale at Amazon for only $.99.
Oh, and be sure to leave a review if you like it.  Michelle is dying to find out if you think she is funny! She's got so much more stored up in that crazy brain of hers and it's looking for an outlet.

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