Friday, September 5, 2014

My Last Stroll through the Garden This Year

Sad to say it's almost time to put the garden to bed.  I took a head count of late bloomers for next season.  This will help me plan out what else I need to plant to keep my bloom time last longer.  Here is what is still hanging on:

Russian Sage ( looks great)
Echinacea ( two different types)
Geranium (annuals)
Perennial Pansy ( looking a little sad)
Lavender ( reblooming)
Variegated periwinkle, vinca minor, myrtle ( reblooming)
Dianthus - carnations (reblooming)

Lingering Loveliness Daylily ( one last bloom)

Wildflower Garden:
Wild Blackeyed Susan

And That's All Folks!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those Black-eyed Susans look great!

Spiderwort reminds me of my grandmother. It was in her garden.

You are so organized. Wish I were!


Sheila :-)

RobinL said...

Yes, the last blooms are so sweet, because we know we won't see them for a long time!