Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Late Summer Daylily Count

It's extremely humid this morning, but I couldn't resist a little time in the garden  I have been keeping up on cutting back the spent blossoms and scapes, so this year I won't have such a huge job trying to do it all at once.  Besides if I cut as I go, the garden looks cleaner and therefore prettier.
While I was out, I took a count of the plants that are still blooming  I have had some go as late as September.  Today, being the 26th of August,  I found several late bloomers.  If you want to extend the life of your daylily garden you really need to concentrate on getting a variety of early, mid,and late season bloomers. Then the show will last a lot longer.
Here is what I found today:
Mikado Morn
Up Against the Sun
Lingering Loveliness
Dempsey's Red Velvet
Illini Jackpot
Dublin Elaine

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Long time no see, my friend! I have been on a sabbatical for a bit. I saw your name roll up and wanted to drop by for a visit.

Your garden sounds beautiful, and how lovely to have late blooming flowers. I need to work on the beds here, but we still high temps.

Sending love your way...


Sheila :-)

Jane Marie said...

Hi Shelia, So nice to hear from you again, and thanks for the lovely comment. I haven't been as active on my blog as in the past summers because my husband has been having health issues which we are still dealing with. I blog when I can get a few minutes so the posts are much shorter. Glad to see you have stuck with me. Happy Fall!