Monday, August 25, 2014

Volunteers in my Garden

   Did you have any volunteers in your garden?  And by that I don't mean your neighbors who were helping you to weed.  I mean those wonderful surprises that show up completely on their own.
   This year I was surprised to find a beautiful tiger lily in my daylily garden.  Most likely the seed was dropped by a bird.  I truly love it, but the problem is it decided to some up right in the middle of Enchanted Elegance.  So now a little surgery is on order before fall  while I can still tell where it is.

   Another beauty popped up in the border garden.  I was pulling "weeds" all spring but I missed one, and this is what I got -- wild ox-eye daisies.  I couldn't bear to pluck them once they started to bloom.  The problem is that  now they will drop seeds, and I'll have them everywhere.  I know they're trouble, but I'm such a sucker for daisies!

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Nancy Vest said...

I did have a volunteer this year - a nandina showed up in the middle of a bed of four o'clocks. I expect a bird brought the nandina berry to that part of the yard. Once the weather cools a little I will offer up this nandina to whoever will take it.

RobinL said...

Hubby is a vigilant weeder, so I don't often get surprises. But that also needs I don't always get self seeding that I actually wanted. But one year, I had a sunflower come up right smack under the dining room window, and it was so very much out of place. But I let it be, of course!