Thursday, June 12, 2014

Daybreak or Saucer Magnolia?

  Two years ago I got a new tree -- it was a gift, and quite expensive.  I was so excited. 
 The glorious Daybreak Magnolia. (See my previous post here.)

  As you can see it was planted in the early spring of 2012, but we had waited until well after frost, or so we thought.  Shortly after planting we got a freezing rain and then a thaw and then another freezing rain and then a another thaw.  First, all of the blooms browned up and died and then the leaves fell off.  Each time new buds would form, the next freeze would hit.  My tree struggled to stay alive and finally produced some leaves.  It was a set back, but all would be okay.
  Or would it?  We babied it and then prepared it for winter, by putting stakes around it and wrapping burlap around the stakes.  Come the spring of 2013, I once again eagerly waited for the first leaves and buds to appear, only to be zapped by another late frost!  The buds and leaves fell off, and this time for good.  I decided I wanted to leave it alone to see what would happen, but all I got was some sprouts from the base of the trunk.  The main tree was dead.  It was a costly loss.  
  We cut the main trunk down as low as we could and let the sprouts grow.  I knew it was a grafted tree and decided to wait and see what was actually growing.  
This is what I have this year.

It's a beautiful green shrub.  I was wondering what to do with it, so I asked a tree specialist if he thought I was growing another magnolia.  He said Daybreaks are most definitely grafted and just as I thought the new growth would return to the mother tree, but he is not sure if it will be a Saucer Magnolia or a Jane Magnolia.  Both are much less expensive trees, but at least I have something for three years of waiting.   Now I have to wait one more year to see if it blooms.  If it produces nothing, then out it goes!

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