Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feeding the Wild Birds Your Leftovers

   It's been one of the coldest winters in history.  We all know how it feels to our unprotected skin, but what happens to the birds. Normally they pick at the berry bushes and old seed pods left behind in the fields and gardens looking for some food that has not been buried in the snow. This year it has been particularly difficult for them to find food, not only because of the deep snow, but also because of  the high winds we have been experiencing.  I have seen many little feathered friends struggling against the gusts just to get a few grains of seed from my feeders.
   I can't do anything about the wind and snow, but I can do something to help the birds. I shovel a path on my deck so I can reach the feeders hanging from the railing, and believe me, this year it has been quite a job. I no sooner clean a direct line to the feeder and more snow comes along to bury it in again,, looking as if nothing has ever walked there. But since my neighbors are taking care of my driveway, the least I can do is shovel this small area.
   If you have birdseed available, of course use that in your feeders. But in these desperate times, the wild birds will eat many of the foods you have right in your home. And maybe you're willing to share.

Here is a list of a few types of "people" food you can put on a tray feeder:
Dried apples
Stale bread, doughnuts, and cakes
Egg shells
Melon seeds
Cooked potatoes
Cooked pasta
Peanuts, unsalted
Dried peas
Pine nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Cooked Rice
Squash seeds

Make sure these items have not been seasoned in the cooking process already.  They may not be the birds' first choice, but they will be thankful you took the time to share your leftovers during the Polar Freeze Winter of 2013-2014.

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