Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring Garden Planning

I know, I know, there's snow on the ground, the temperatures are below normal, and today we are getting an ice storm -- I so long for spring.  Right now, the only thing saving my sanity is spring garden planning.
Luckily last year I kept good records, so now I can sit down with my graphs and lists and catalogs.

There will be quite a few changes with the square foot gardening vegetables.  We can tell that we had way too many squash and zucchini, and not enough tomatoes and green peppers.  I'm thinking of canning tomatoes this year so I'll need more than just enough to eat.  If I'm real ambitious I'll actually make up spaghetti sauce and can that up, too.  In order to grow enough for salsa, canned tomatoes, and spaghetti sauce, I'll need several varieties.  I don't want them coming in all at the same time. I haven't yet decided on which ones we'll grow.

Our corn took up too much space for this small area, and didn't produce enough to mess with. Giving up the  up will free up lots of squares for something else. We'll have to plant corn elsewhere.

It looks like I will be having more time for the garden this year, if all goes well.  So I am also excited to start a new herb area. Last year the herbs were confined to the square foot sections.  Since moving to this house, I have not had a chance to design a proper herb garden.  I think I've got the area picked out, sunny with a little late afternoon shade.  No need to bring in extra black dirt for this project, my herbs love their sandy, well-drained soil. This new area will house the medicinal herbs, but I will keep a few of the culinary herbs I cook with closer to the house in the square foot sections.

There's a lot to do and plan.  January is almost over and spring will come sooner than you think.  I'm so excited!
Have you started your spring garden planning?  If so, let me know how it's coming.

"Come, gentle Spring!  Ethereal Mildness!  Come."
-  James Thomson 

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