Monday, December 16, 2013

Keeping Your Rosemary Indoors

   I've written a number of times about growing herbs indoors and the fact that rosemary is especially difficult to keep alive in a climate when the furnace has to run in the winter. Rosemary likes humidity and even if you have a humidifier on your furnace it is not enough.
   I think I have finally hit on the winning combination to keeping rosemary alive and well through the winter. Cool temps, lots of misting, and my newest discovery -- no transplanting.
   I've always grow rosemary directly in the garden and had great success, but then of course I have to pot it to bring it inside.  Even though I keep it going through most of the winter months it begins to look tired and dry and sometimes I have lost the plant entirely.

   This year I inherited a potted rosemary from my daughter when she moved to a hot and dry climate. Her plant had been purchased as a potted plant and she immediately transplanted it to this larger clay pot ( which is nicely painted on the exterior.) It was grown outside on her deck through the summer and it had time to adjust to the temperature changes before I brought it in because she moved in October.
    I placed it in my lower level near the walkout slider, so plenty of light bu no direct sun. My basement is heated but we keep the temperature turned down low, so it stays around 58 degrees.   Every day when I take my dog out, I give it a spritz or two and once a week I water the soil lightly.
To my surprise, it is not only flourishing but it has new growth on the top. It is now about 12 inches tall.  I'll keep you updated when it is closer to spring, which at the moment seems a long time away. But I believe when I move it back outside it will stay in the same pot until I have no other choice.

So for indoor success:
Light water
No direct sun
Cool temps
Mist regularly
Do not transplant unless necessary.
Happy Herb Growing!

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RobinL said...

Hmm, you've given me an idea. I wonder if I could keep mine growing in my basement window well. I might try that next year!

Jane Marie said...

Sounds like a plan, Robin. Let me know how it works out.