Monday, September 30, 2013

Making Lavender Sugar

Have you ever heard of lavender sugar? If not, you're missing out on something special. Lavender sugar is not only delicious but is also as fragrant as the lavender plant itself, and yes, it is edible.  Gourmet sugars like this sell for a high price and can be found in specialty shops, but you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost.  And just because Fall is here, doesn't mean you have missed out on making it.  You can make your own gourmet sugar any time from Spring until Fall.  Just be sure to harvest the lavender before frost.

Here is the very similar "recipe."
1 T. fresh lavender to 1 cup sugar
or 1 t. dried lavender to 1 cup sugar

Here's how I did mine:

Fill a jar half way with sugar.

Add lavender - leaves and flowers - to the jar. If you have fertilized your plants, be sure to wash them first and completely dry it  on a papertowel before you begin.  Moisture is your worst enemy and means certain failure in an otherwise can't fail project!

If you choose to have a stronger lavender flavor throughout, you can chop it in a food processor first, so the smaller pieces will remain in the sugar when you use it.

Fill the jar the rest of the way, with the remaining sugar and seal tightly.  I like to keep some flowers exposed for a pretty effect.   Leave it for a day or two, so the lavender scent can permeate the sugar.  That's it!

Place in a cute jar or container for a perfect hostess gift. I like to include my favorite recipe along with it or add some gourmet teas in a small basket.  Use this sugar in your tea or bake it into cookies and cakes.  It's great for muffins and scones also. And while you're baking, you'll wonder why you are so relaxed.  Inhale deeply, and enjoy.

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Mmm, that sounds yummy. I think I'll make some!