Sunday, August 18, 2013

Harvesting my Herbs

It's that thyme again!!  Herb harvesting time.

Tidy bundles of oregano, thyme, sage,  rosemary, and some freshly cut chives. I make a loop at the end of the string ties for ease in hanging.

Hanging in the storage barn to dry.  A nice, warm, dry place. My husband kindly gave up some head space for a week or so. It smells so good in there now! The next step will be to strip them from their stems, crush lightly,  and place in clean jars.

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RobinL said...

Yes, thanks for the reminder. I really need to try harder to preserve my herbs. This year I *will* hang them up to dry!

Jane Marie said...

Glad I could help Robin! I had a great crop of oregano, sage, and thyme this year, but the mints were sparse.