Saturday, August 3, 2013

Deer Problems in the Garden?

Oh, how we love our deer!  We watch them with awe as they gently step their way through our woods, nibbling as they go.  We call out to each other quietly --deer, deer!  and study them reverently with their babies.  Then we go outside to enjoy the early morning dew and the freshness of the pine-filled air.  With coffee and tea cups in hand we walk the yard to see what is new this morning -- daylilies, hosta.  WAIT!!! Where's the hosta????   What happened to that branch on my new weeping cherry tree?  No leaves.  Look at the bark on the newly planted McIntosh Apple - stripped!!!
So, my beautiful Bambi friends, you want to play that way? Okay,well, I have a few things to stop you, other than using a gun.  In past articles, I've written about using marigolds and herbs, I've mentioned hanging bags of my dog's fur in the trees, ( this does need to be refreshed regularly) and I've also talked about an motion sensor sprinkler - which only works if you remember to turn it on, by the way. I've used Irish Spring soap shavings in the daylilies and it works well, but will need to repeated at regular intervals also.

 If fighting with the deer, is turning you off from gardening altogether, maybe you just need to start over with some plants that deer just don't like.  I am only including the plants that I know grow well in my Michigan garden.  There are others that I am not that familiar with. This is a combination of annuals, perennials, and shrubs.  The ones with an asterisk are in my garden at this moment. I have never seen a bite out of one of them, even my daylilies survived this year.  Some of the others are in the plans for next year.

aster *
bachelor's buttons *
bee balm *
California poppy
canterbury bell
columbine *
coreopsis *
cosmos *
crocus (but the rabbits love these)
daylilies (deer do like to snap off the tender buds) *
ferns *
foxglove *
trumpet vine
veronica violet
wintergreen *
Keep in mind, when deer are hungry they will eat anything!!

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RobinL said...

I would be so unhappy if the deer at my garden! Good luck fighting them off.