Thursday, August 22, 2013

Canning Again After 25 Years

   I thought I would never can again.  I gave away and sold all of my jars and rings.  I, at least, had enough sense to save the canner, tongs,  lifter, and funnel. I also inherited my mother's large porcelain soup pot so I was able to use that, as well. But I had to purchase jars and lids all over again, which was an added expense.

   I started out with peaches.  I was so excited I got up real early to wash and sterilize my new jars.  I thought the peaches were a little firm, if only I had known my husband had eaten one on the sly and did not mention the pits were not at freestone stage!  SO I brought the water to a boil and dropped in 6 peaches.  The skins would not bubble or split as they should have. I plunged them into the ice water bath.  Now the skins should slide right off -- nope, not happening! I was now sure they were not ripe enough and I had all my energy geared up for a canning day.
   Oh well, I had also planned to do a batch of bread and butter pickles, so I had everything I needed but the pickles. It was a farmer's market day so off to one of my favorite things to do in the world - Farmer's Markets. Would they have pickle cucumbers yet? Sure enough.  Since I had not done this in so long, I decided to take it slow.  I bought a half peck, which turned out to be just right the amount for the pint jars I had previously purchased.
   This time I had success.  Now for the long 6-week wait to sample them.  I had totally forgotten how satisfying canning is.  Looking at my newly filled jars, gave me such a sense of fulfillment, far more than anything I have done in any paying job ( except teaching piano)  The sparkling clean jars with the colors of the pickles and peppers filled my soul.
   Now let's hope the peaches bring the same success.  I'll wait a day or two and hope they ripen up; if they aren't freestone Red Haven as the farmer had promised, the next post won't be so cheery!

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