Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Burpee Lavender Giveaway Winners


   All six of the winners were selected for the Burpee Lavender Giveaway.  Each person responded quickly so their mailing addresses were immediately sent on to Burpee.  I was just informed that the lavender has been packaged and sent on its way.  Burpee had promised one lavender plant to each, but being the generous company that they are, they sent out THREE plants for each winner!!!
Here are the lucky winners:
Candie --AK
Krazekatlady --UT
2befitby50 -- NH
Becca Ann -- ME
slehan -- CO
laurasgloves -- MS

Congratulations everyone!

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slehan said...

Not just one plant but THREE!!!
Thanks Burpee and Thyme for herbs.

Jane Marie said...

Yes, they surprised us all!