Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Books on a Rainy Day

   It's still raining here.  We've had continual floods and yesterday a light dusting of snow.  Spring is very, very late! So I've been browsing Amazon for some garden books to, hopefully, give me some kind of gardening experience through reading. I thought I would pass along the four that most interested me.

   The first book I came across was Your Backyard Herbal Garden, a guide to over 50 herbs plus how to use them in cooking, crafts, companion planting, and more.  I can always learn something new in this area. I have been planting and using herbs for about 35 years and there is always something else to learn. Herbs  are  simply amazing!

   The second book that interested me was Lasgana Gardening.  Well, who could go wrong with a title like that?  But I was immediately drawn to the subtitle -- No Digging, No Tilling,  No Weeding, No Kidding.  This book is all about layering for a little-to-no work garden.  Is that possible? I'm not sure.  I'll have to look into it.

   Great Garden Companions is a book about how to plant a pest-free, disease free garden by using certain flowers and herbs among your vegetables. Nature has a great plan so you can avoid chemicals, and the author, Sally Jean Cunningham, is eager to teach us all about it.

   Vertical Gardening is something I began to look into last year. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, and squash vertically.  Some worked and others did not.  I need to find out what I did wrong.

   Some of these books are available on Kindle through Amazon and Android epubs are available through other Internet sites like or 
   Sitting back in my easy chair, browsing  garden books is almost as good as being outside in the sunshine and dirt. Well, not really, but it's all I've got for now. 

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hope you aren't personally going through any bad flooding. Please stay safe!



Jane Marie said...

Thank you for the concern Sheila. No, I am on high ground well above the Croton/Hardy Dams and Muskegon River. But many cities in the Grand Rapids area have had it tough. The Grand River crested at 22.7 inches breaking the 1946 record. You might have seen the picture of the fish and duck floating by an office window on network TV news. That is near where my daughter works. But we all all safe here.