Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013, and How We Can Do Our Part

 Once again it's time to take a look at how we treat our Earth, our planet. It's Earth Day, 2013.  Did you get that?  OUR Planet.  We didn't just end up here willy-nilly.  It was given to us to use, but to use wisely, so it will last for generations to come.  Just as I tend my garden so that it will flourish this year and the next, we must tend the Earth.

   When I was a younger woman, I remember making jokes about our parents and grandparents and how they saved string, plastic bags, and newspapers for future use. They had gone through the Great Depression and they knew what it was like to go without.  Now I have become them. Each year, I gently expand my thinking into how to recycle.  We didn't go about it in one fell swoop.  It was too difficult to change our wasteful way of life overnight.  This past year, I became just like the grandparents I made fun of in the past.  We started saving bread bags so we don't need to many Baggies, we store extra food in reusable containers whenever possible, and now use plastic grocery bags for all kinds of things, so we don't have so many to get rid of.  We use cloth bags for the grocery store.  I have a favorite pre-mixed soup I like for a quick lunch. It comes in a Styrofoam container; I now wash that container out and use it to plant seeds in my indoor greenhouse. I save milk containers to use as covers for my vegetable plants to protect them from late frosts.  Leftover Popsicle sticks work great as plant markers.

   Last year we had several pieces of old fencing left behind by a previous owner.  I took one look at them and decided they were not going to the dump.  They made great uprights for climbing vegetables.  Instead of throwing out or burning an old ladder, we decided it would be perfect for a clematis vine to climb on.  These are some of things you can try if you are aware of looking for them. It takes just a small change in old habits and soon you are looking for things to recycle and feeling good about yourself for doing it.

   Begin today, Earth Day 2013, and start to change your ways;  take care of our Planet. She's been doing a pretty good job so far of taking care of you!

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