Friday, April 26, 2013

Arbor Day, 2013

 It's not going to be an exceptional Arbor Day in Michigan this year. I usually look forward to the blooming trees and bushes, the faint glow of green as the buds on the trees start to form, and just looking at the sky with the tree branches making spider web patterns overhead. But today the sky is gray, once again.  The flood waters are receding so road travel is good, but seeing all of the trees that have fallen over because of high water is devastating. Luckily, I didn't have to suffer the consequences; we are in an elevated area that is well away from the river and many lakes.
   It's not a good time to plants trees today, here, but as soon as the earth dries out and the sun begins to shine regularly again, we will be planting more apple trees for our small orchard, and adding a few more maples to our woods. I'm looking forward to walking nature trails and other wooded areas.
   In a another month Michigan will be a glorious green again and we can thank our tree friends for their participation in our color palette.  Michiganders take nature pretty seriously.  As a matter of fact, The Conservation District's motto is, Your Land, Your Water, Your Michigan. This motto should apply to any state. We need to take pride and ownership in our surrounding landscapes and feel blessed with all we have been given.
 Don't forget to check out your local Conservation District for tree and wildflower sales; they usually have great prices --  especially on or near Arbor day.

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Thank goodness you are elevated! I hate to hear of flooding, and I hope it will be over soon for all of those affected by it, including the trees.



RobinL said...

I'm glad you are safe from the floods plaguing my old stomping grounds. Hopefully SW Michigan will not be too cold and gray when I come to visit in mid May. I haven't been back in the spring for many, many years!

Jane Marie said...

Robin, It is 74 degrees this afternoon, (Monday, the 29th.) We spent all day in the yard. It's a beautiful day! I hope you can experience the same temps when you come.