Friday, March 8, 2013

Wildflower Seeds

I've always wanted a wildflower garden like this.  I've never had much luck sowing wildflower seeds, but I keep doing it anyway.  I know the main reason I don't succeed --  you have to plant them in an area that is truly wild and then leave it alone.  No fertilizer, let the rain take care of its moisture needs after the initial planting, and then for heavens' sake, don't mow it!  That is the big culprit.  Sometimes there is miscommunication between my husband, the mower, and me, the planter.  It's also difficult to keep myself from pruning and organizing.  If you want your wildflower area to look wild, then you have to allow the weeds to grow along with the flowers.  In this way, it becomes a carefree garden.  And, ecologically, it just makes sense.

Recent, I ordered a Midwest Wildflower mix from American Meadows. ( This is not a plug, just stating the facts.)  It comes in a cute little burlap bag and claims to be 100% pure seed.  I won't know that for sure, if I don't weed, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
My seed bag has such a large variety of seeds, I couldn't believe it. Some are annual, some biennial, and some perennial.  Here's what was  included:
siberian wallflower
shasta daisy
lance-leaf coreopsis
sulphur cosmos
sweet william
coneflower, purple
California poppy
inidan blanket
baby's breath
dwarf candy tuft
scarlet flax
blue  flax
lemon mint
baby blue eyes
evening primrose
shirley poppy
purple, prairie clover
mexican hat
prairie coneflower
clasping coneflower
gloriosa daisy
black-eyed susan

I am so ready for spring, it's unbelievable.  I am as excited as a young girl dancing in puddles on the last day of school..  Yahoo!!!!

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The SageBook Whisperer said...

I to have always wanted a wildflower garden as well.I've tried several times to no avail...keep asking myself how do they do that!Guess I'll have to settle for my Herbs.I was a member of the Greater Ft.Worth Herb Society at one time_moved to NH then back to Tx._started The Johnson County Herb Society!I'm good with HERBS!Just discovered your Blog...I like it!Mind if I add it to my Blog for favorites or as I call them My VIP Pages at

Small Footprints said...

So beautiful ... I adore California Poppy. I never really thought about having a space which is totally left alone for wild flowers ... but that makes total sense. I hope your wild flower gardens grows brilliantly this year!

RobinL said...

I've never really tried to grow a wildflower garden, I don't have a spot for it. But I sure love that look!

Addison Clark said...
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