Sunday, March 24, 2013

Indoor Greenhouse and Fruit

   I'm trying something new once again. It's a small greenhouse that I can use indoors to start seeds and then move outside the first thing in the spring to give my plants some extra warmth. I found this at my local farm store for only $34.99. The posts and shelving is metal but the side supports are PVC.  It's 6 feet tall at the peak and about 3 feet deep.  I can't walk into it like you would a full-sized greenhouse but it's just perfect for seedling trays.  Hopefully, when it is outside I can use it to protect my potted plants when we get, and we will, those unexpected freezes and frosts.  I'm not sure how long this will last; the plastic seems pretty thick though. And it has to be put away each winter; that could be a pain.  There were larger, more expensive models, but I was afraid to try them until I saw the quality and how it weathers the wind and rain.  I'm sure we'll have to stake it down, or it could take off like Mary Poppins' umbrella!

   And while we were at the farm store, I couldn't resist something else I have wanted for this new northern garden -- raspberry and blackberry canes. And with a new raised box for some strawberries being built this spring, I should have all of my garden plans complete.  Well -- maybe. There's that area along the garage that needs to be planted, and then the side of the storage shed that should really have a few clematis trellises and the strip along the driveway for more daylilies and the wildflower seeds to plant and the woodland plants to plant and, oh yes, I could use two more apple trees and two peach trees and ............. well, you get the picture.

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nelsontheadventurer said...

WOW!! That is surely a very cool greenhouse. Hoping for the best of your plants.

larry smith said...
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