Thursday, March 21, 2013

Deer Chasers

 I said Deer Chasers, not Beer Chasers.  What were you thinking?

 It's almost gardening time now, but you'd never know it by looking outside, here in Michigan, where it is now officially Spring but only 19 degrees.. We had a very mild winter with almost no snow until February. And then it seemed like the old-fashioned winters of my youth.  Never ending cold and snow.

  Last year at this time we were hitting records temps of 70-84 degrees. All of the neighbors were outside cleaning up their yards and preparing gardens for the soon-to-come planting time. We should have known better.  What were we thinking?  Mother Nature had a good laugh with her one-two punch of freezing rain, thaw, freezing rain, thaw.  It played havoc with the gardens and blooming trees that were also lulled into thinking their time to preform was here.
Instead of an early blooming spring, the entire state's fruit crop ( mostly the apples) was destroyed.  My daylilies took it hard, too.  They had started to rise to the occasion and then their tender new leaves were turned to mush.

  Okay, I see now there is a bigger picture.  Take our time.  Let the plants remain dormant for a while longer and then maybe we won't have a killing frost. So in the meantime, to stem some of my cabin fever, I have started some seedlings indoors, one of which are marigolds, my buddies, my deer chasers. I will edge the daylily garden as much as possible with these pretty little plants.  Deer can't stand the smell of them.  Last year I managed to keep them out of my garden with only 8 plants.  This year for extra protection, I will edge the whole garden with them - I'm hoping for 30 plants -- I now have 50 sprouts. Yesterday I saw a herd of 10 running through my woods right at the edge of the yard.  I love watching deer, just not in my daylilies and vegetables. Luckily they leave the herbs alone.( another good deer chaser)
 As soon as the marigolds are big enough and the weather cooperates, out they go.  Chase away, my little pretties, chase away!

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