Friday, December 28, 2012

Are You A Prepper?

 As I look back on the year, I see that I have become more of a prepper than I was before.  Are you a prepper?
   A few months ago I didn't even know what a prepper was, but I guess I have always been one.  I believe in preparing for any type of upset in my routine. I always have a stock of food  in case of a natural disaster.  Am I a doomsday prepper?  No, I believe in God.  If the world comes to an end, I will be taken care of in a most Heavenly place, free from all worries and strife. BUT while I'm here on Earth, it doesn't hurt to think ahead and help take care of my family.
   I have mentioned before that I have a generator with several cans of gas on the side.  We use well water and when the electricity goes out there is no water.  It happened a few too many times and we finally learned our lesson. We also have some large containers of water for flushing in case we run out of gas, and a case of bottled water for drinking.
   Whenever I go to the store I often buy two or more of something if it is on sale.  Yes, there is a stash of food in the basement, but we eat from it all year long and replenish when certain items get low. You never know when that blizzard will strike and leave us without something to eat. So far, you don't think of me as a fanatic, right?
   Recently it dawned on me, that if there is a major power outage, all forms of making transactions will be down, no gas for the car because the tanks are computerized, debit and credit cards will not work, banks will have to close. I don't think grocery stores are set up to accept cash without giving receipts that deduct from their inventory automatically. The cash registers will not even open without electricity.
   Snow is not my only enemy-- I also live near a large dam which produces current for all of Western Michigan.  There are regular meetings for the residents to prepare for evacuation in case the dam breaks.  Luckily, my house is high enough that I will never be flooded, but life as we know it now will be disrupted, much like what happened during Hurricane Sandy in the East.
   Now, here comes the fanatic part... What happens if it takes a long time to get all of this sorted out or maybe there is a very serious terrorist attack? Have you thought about the fact that all shelves will be emptied in a matter of days or even hours if there's panic?  That means my local farm store will no longer have seeds for my garden, so even if I wanted to grow my own vegetables, I couldn't.. I now keep a small back stock of seeds in the refrigerator, rotating them so they don't get old. But even if they are old, some of the seeds will always sprout.  Isn't that what our fore-fathers did when they settled this great country?  They prepared for the future as they traveled West looking for a new life, always looking ahead. I don't know about you, but being a prepper, on even a small scale, makes me feel safer and more secure.

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debbie said...

I am glad to hear you are a prepper. I absolutely hate doomsday preppers and that stupid show. That show advocates law-breaking and purposely tries to show that if anyone preps they are crazy. It has done more harm than good.

For the record, I am a prepper, too. I have even worked with the federal goverment years ago, to get the country ready for a pandemic.

My best advice is to use what you store, and store what you use.

Jane Marie said...

You're right. We are constantly rotating our stock and only stock what we like to use and eat. This year I will get into canning more, like I did when my family was young.