Saturday, September 15, 2012

Freezing and Preserving Your Fresh Herbs

My gardening time has come to a close.  But there are a few things left undone that need attention.  I still have a few tomatoes ripening on the vine, but after last night's temperature drop, that could be the end of it.  Some herbs are still doing nicely;  there's a little time left to save some for future use.

I have done my usual drying, by hanging bundles upside down, but I'd like to have some fresh herbs throughout the winter also, so this morning after the dew burned off, I picked parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, chives, and mint.

After a quick wash and drain on a paper towel, I chopped them and placed them into my ice cube trays.
 Let me take a minute to say, I have a new refrigerator with an ice cube maker. I had totally forgotten that I no longer had ice cube trays, until I wanted to use them.  So yesterday I was off to the dollar store, when I decided to stop at a yard sale. And much to my surprise, the owner was selling a group of 6 trays for only $.50!  Now that was what I call serendipity!

So, back to the project -- after placing approximately 1 tablespoon of the herbs in the sections, loosely packed, just fill your trays with water and freeze. I like to pour the water in gently with a measuring cup that has a spout.

  Remove the frozen cubes and place in a freezer bag.  Be sure to keep the different frozen herbs in separate bags and mark and date clearly.  Then the next time you are making soup or stew, etc. on a frosty fall or winter day, just pop a frozen herb ice cube into the hot pot.  Fresh herbs, off-season, already chopped and measured, with  no muss, no fuss. Now, that's what I call easy.
I love growing my own herbs!

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