Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Daylilies Added to My Garden

I'm so weak.  I might need to start  DLA -- Daylily Lovers Anonymous!  I can't believe I forgot to mention my new daylily purchases. Well, maybe it was an on-purpose oversight. I'm truly embarrassed that I fell off the wagon!
I never intended to add any more daylilies to this new garden.  I had promised my husband when we moved that I would only keep a few of my favorites.  And then the garden got bigger and I moved all 130 plants.  I just couldn't bear to leave them behind.
Last year I rewarded myself with a new daylily called Mary's Baby.  It was a christening of the new garden at my new house. Well of course, along with that purchase came a bonus plant called Gentle Greetings.
Earlier this spring, I "accidentally" found Primal Scream on sale, and along with that came a bonus plant called Without a Doubt.  Now I was up 4 plants!
Then I really caved in and decided to buy a few I had admired for a long time and then that would be it!!!

I ended up getting another good deal, so I bought:

                                                                 Man of Sorrows,

                                                              Picture in Picture,

                                                              Bela Lugosi,

                                                                   Desperado Love,

                                                                and Lavender Blue Baby.
 Once again I totally forgot the generosity of some growers (in this case, New Every Morning Daylily Gardens) and I received

                                                         Seventy Times Seven as a bonus.
Oh no, that's another 6 plants.  Ooops!!
Well, now that just has to be it for me.  A total of 10 new daylilies since I moved in last year. My count is now at 140, and it will just have to stay there.  It really, really, has to -- unless there's another sale I just can't pass up.  Shhhh, don't tell my husband.

The above pictures are not from my garden but are from daylily sites on the web, as my plants are too young to bloom.

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RobinL said...

Jane Marie, those are such beautiful flowers that I can hardly blame you. But I've gone the opposite direction. In this hot and dry summer, my daylilies look so bad that I have vowed to banish them from my garden! Now don't cry, it's just one person's opinion. LOL

Jane Marie said...

Robin, you are like a person who doesn't like chocolate! I just can't believe it's true. This was a rare, dry year and they did have some problems like all other plants, but they are very drought tolerant and will come back to you next year. If you give them another chance, I promise they will perform next year.