Friday, July 6, 2012

Square Foot Gardening Update - July

The vegetables are growing daily and some are looking fabulous, even with our drought, as you can tell by the pictures. I thought it was a good time to do a square foot gardening update.
So far I am happy with the plan but there are a few changes to make next year. For one, I don't think I will try to do all of it from seed.  I think our Michigan weather is too unpredictable early in the year; maybe putting out starts a little later in the season is a better idea.

Also I plan on making careful notes on our needs and how much we produce.  I really don't plan on feeding the neighbors; I'd just like to have fresh vegetables throughout the growing season.  Maybe next year I will grow more tomatoes so I can can or freeze salsa or spaghetti sauce.  I think we need more radishes, and I need to be consistent in planting them at two-week intervals.  They produced their crop very quickly, and we love them so much we ate them all in a few days.

This fall we are already making plans to build more raised beds.  The 4x4 beds are perfect for weeding and just as the book explained, it is not so overwhelming to weed.  I like neat and tidy and this is exactly what square foot gardening is all about. If I don't have much time, I will just weed one or two squares one morning and then the next morning do a few more.
I am also keeping records as to the variety of each vegetable I planted in case one doesn't do as well as I hoped. So as of today, I am a happy veggie gardener, as well as a perrennial, daylily,and herb gardener. Oh, if only I had more time and money, and my body would hold up, I could conquer it all!

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RobinL said...

Yes Jane, Michigan gardening is not conducive to starting from seed. The season is just too short! For the last two years, our radishes have gone straight to seed without forming fruits, and we are confused. Any thoughts?

Angela said...

The square foot garden looks good. I love the vertical trellises.