Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gentle Greetings Daylily

Gentle Greetings was a bonus plant that came along with a new purchase last fall from New Every Morning Daylily Gardens. It "greeted me gently" with its first bloom yesterday. Click on the picture to see it close up and experience its quiet beauty.
I had looked this one up on the Internet to see what I might expect from it last September.  I was not familiar with this one at all.   I found several Internet pictures and they were all quite different, as oftentimes is the case.
This is what I was expecting.:
 I prefer the softer colors of my bloom, but who knows, next year mine may look just like this. Daylilies like to spring something new on you each year -- a lot depends on the amount of rain and sun they are exposed to.  Soil is also a factor.  I have found that if I were to give a friend a division of one of my favorites, hers would quite often look totally different than mine, even though she lived in the same area., and her daylilies received the same amount of sun and rain as mine had.

  Each time I buy a new daylily I am always surprised with a "free" plant in my delivery.  It seems to be a common practice among growers. It also seems as though they are not just throwing their discards at you, but helping you to improve your garden with wonderful cultivars. Some growers keep lists of what they sell you and give you so there are never any repeats. Some of my favorite daylilies have been the bonus plants. And only one time in my years of collecting did I receive a bonus plant that was a duplicate of one I already had in my garden.  How were they to know it was a gift from a friend?
I love this time of year, even though it is so hot this week I have not spent much time outside.  But because of my daylilies, I can't wait to go in my garden each morning to see what plant has its "Gentle Greetings"  for me.

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