Saturday, June 23, 2012

Planting Zinnias from Seed

I love to have annuals mixed in with my perennials to keep a constant color flow.  This year was a little more difficult than normal as far as purchasing annuals. My husband is retired and my income took a nosedive along with the economy.  Buying flats can be expensive if you have a large garden area to cover. Also, we are in a completely new location so there is a lot to get done with the yard as a whole -- grass seed, fertilizers, new sprinklers and hoses, birdseed, etc.  Then add all of the new items needed to update our new home and the outgoing cash seemed never ending.

Planting seeds was one way I could fill in this driveway border garden. It had been started by the previous owner but never kept up. They had changed their minds a few times from mulch to stones.  We had to dig out all of the small stones we could, and rake out the old mulch.  It was a lot of work, but I hope to use this area for more daylilies as they are moved from my daughter's house a little at a time. Planting seeds was a good and inexpensive option. This long driveway now is sprouting Zinnias, as well as, Sweet Williams, Shirley Poppies, and Cosmos.  I saved seeds from plants at my old house the fall before I moved for the Cosmos and Sweet Williams. Rudbeckia and Echinacea seeds will be planted in the back yard later this fall.

Planting seeds requires patience, something we rarely find in gardeners these days; it's so much easier to buy greenhouse plants for our starts.  I, too, usually do the same.  But I recalled my early marriage days when extra money then, too, was  hard to come by and planting seeds was my only option other than give up gardening all together. I remembered how rewarding planting seeds can be.
I'm looking forward to my flower border which won't bloom until sometime in July.  So my daily prayer is "God, grant me patience.  But please hurry!"  Can't wait for those Zinnias!

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