Friday, June 22, 2012

My Daylilies Survive

It looks like my daylilies will survive.  The blooming season has begun and although it's not as spectacular as it will be in a few years, there is hope.  The leaf streak does not look attractive but the strong scapes keep reaching for the sun and a few blooms have opened. The earliest and prettiest so far is Allspice Spice.
I love the colors on this one.  The eye is so bold going down into a throat that calls you to look closer.  And that is the big secret about daylilies.  Even though they are beautiful from the road and you can wow your neighbors, they really should be studied up close. The shades and hues are even more spectacular when you are "eye to eye" with a new morning fresh blossom!  And with that I will take my morning stroll and see what's blooming today.  It's so good to be gardening again!

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