Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Daylilies are Growing!

Yes!  My garden is beginning to thrive. (not my house in the background)
This was the only place in the yard that was somewhat flat and always sunny, so the garden is close to the street but I live on a quiet cul de sac and my neighbors seem to appreciate the upgrade to the neighborhood.  They are, in fact, curious about the daylilies.  I've discovered that most people think of daylilies as the common orange or "ditch lily." I can only imagine what they thought I was doing planting this many tall orange lilies.
I have had at least 8 of my regular standbys bloom in their new location already. The biggest surprise was one that was only planted in May.  It was a bonus plant, called Without a Doubt, that I received in the mail from Gilbert H. Wild nurseries. I had purchased Primal Scream on sale with free shipping included and this one was sent along for the ride.  That's what I love about dayliliy growers -- it is common to give a free plant with a purchase of 15-20 dollars and sometimes less, depending on the grower. I have received free daylilies for purchases as small as $10. (this is not a paid endorsement for this particular grower.  I was just pleased with my purchase)
Here is the first and probably only, bloom for Without a Doubt:

You can see how small this plant is and yet it still produced a beautiful creamy bloom after all of the trauma it has gone through.  I think my "freebie" is going to be a real trooper.
I'll keep you posted on any new blooms as my daylilies are growing.

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