Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Daylily Garden is Done!

Finally!  The new daylily garden is done. My husband edged the whole thing on hands and knees, while I moved mulch from our 10-yard pile.  It took us weeks because of the weather, other obligations, and just plain old age -- we don't work for hours at a time like we used to.
I hate to admit it but this will be the last time I try to spread mulch by myself. Since the plants were already in, I had to drop it be the handfuls; but now that it is finished, I feel it was worth it.  Hopefully it will last for a few years and help to hold back the weeds, but the next time it needs to be done, I will have a work party and offer to feed my family/workers a great meal.
This fall I'll be transplanting still more daylilies from my daughter's yard where they were housed during the sale of my previous house and the move here. There are a few openings left for the new plants and I have a long border garden along my driveway that is ready and waiting. I can't wait for daylily time (mostly July, but can be the end of June to September) to see how much color I get this year. But for right now I am just enjoying the fruits of my labor and this glorious spring.  The Daylily Garden is Done !!!

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