Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My 2012 Garden

Spring has arrived and I'm back to gardening in my new 2012 garden. After working on and planning it all last year, this will be the first full summer of it's growth in my new home.

We have had the warmest March ever in recorded weather history for my part of Western Michigan, and it has been wonderful.  Of course, that means that everything is blooming early, and that can mean danger for some plants in the garden.  They started popping their lovely heads above ground only to be hit by a freezing rain on the last day of March.

The daffodils took it all in stride.  No damage done to the rhododendrons, either.  Actually, the only visible result was a beautiful glass effect on the tree branches. The day before this ice storm hit, I had moved the Thundercloud Plum you see pictured above to a new location in the back yard. It's branches were bent over with the weight, and I was sure it would not survive the shock of it all.  But later in the day, as the ice started to fall from trees in chunks, the branches popped right back up, and now my little tree looks very healthy.

And of course, the daylilies didn't seem to notice that anything had gone awry, little troopers that they are.  There's a lot to be done yet, with mulching, etc, but we are way ahead of schedule with the spring yard work and it feels good. The big excitement this year will be watching this first batch of moved  daylilies (8o) grow in their new home.  I still have about 40 to dig in the fall if they are large enough to split. I am also starting a new vegetable garden in the Square Foot Gardening plan laid out by Mel Bartholomew.  I have always wanted to try it and this yard is perfect for it, as well as the fact that we are getting older and large plots no longer work for us.

The summer of 2012 looks to be a very fun gardening year.  There's nothing like the anticipation of what will come!

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

We have had similar weather to yours and not all my plants are liking it..another frost last night got some more daffs..we knew it would happen...lovely blog!

RobinL said...

It's exciting, yet intimidating to begin a new garden. So much work to do! But a clean slate let's you begin again. Have fun!