Friday, January 6, 2012

Herbs and Beauty -- Herb Honey Soap

I've had grand ideas before of making soap and either selling it or giving it as gifts. It was going to be my "specialty", what I was known for,  until I found out how messy and dangerous it can be. This recipe is a shortcut and works, smells, and looks just as good. Plan ahead because this formula can take a few weeks to harden.

10 T. grated castile soap (olive oil based soap)
1/2 t. olive oil
2 t. clear honey
2-3 drops of essential oil, such as rosemary or lavender
cupcake papers

Put the grated soap in the top of a double boiler, or a bowl in the microwave set on low power.  Melt the soap.
Stir in the olive oil, a drop or two at a time.
Stir in the honey and essential oil.
Remove from heat.
Continue to stir until mixture is well-blended.
Pout into molds such as waxpaper cupcakes papers, and leave undisturbed to harden. ( may take up to two weeks)
Unmold and wrap in waxpaper to store.

Makes 1 bar of soap.

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Comfrey Cottages said...

Nice recipe Jane Marie! As a newby to soapmaking myself, I agree it can be a bit more than bargained for! xx