Saturday, December 17, 2011

Orange Star and Indoor Gardening

On Mother's Day 2011, my daughter gave me an Orange Star (Guzmania Lingulata) similar to the one pictured above. Why am I talking about Mother's Day in December? Because I am indoor gardening, or forcing, with this plant in the middle of the Christmas rush!
A week ago I noticed, sitting on the bottom on my dark closet floor, was a pot that I had placed there after the Star Flower started to die off. I had clipped back all of the dead leaves and blooms, and sent it off to hibernate; then I completely forgot about it. While digging around for a pair of boots (no snow yet but it's bound to come any day), I noticed a tiny bit of green popping through the soil of my Orange Star pot. I knew it was struggling for light, so I promptly brought it out and gave it a good watering; then I set it in a bright window but away from direct sunlight. Sun through glass can burn your plant's tender leaves.

This is where it's at as of today's date.  Now if I can remember to water it regularly, throughout the holidays, I should have Orange Star blossoms soon.  I'll keep you updated as to when this momentous occasion occurs.

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CathyH said...

Hope it does well, so pretty!