Friday, November 18, 2011

Trees - I Beat Old Man Winter

I beat Old Man Winter. I had some last minute tree planting to get in and I didn't think I would make it before the snow started to arrive. We have had some flakes, but nothing has lasted and the ground is still green.
My 10 Colorado blue  spruce and two lilac bushes arrived from the Arbor Day Foundation a week or so ago and we were lucky enough to get a break in the weather.  Planting day for those was a balmy 60 degrees. But where were the two maples I had ordered? 
I soon realized I had put them in on a separate order about two weeks apart, so of course they would be delivered accordingly.
My 3 foot trees arrived on Monday, November 14th and of course our schedule did not permit us to plant that day or the next. Finally on Thursday my husband and I were able to get some  outdoor time just when the sun burst forth.  It was still windy and cold but there were no snowflakes to be seen.
After carefully placing my red maple and yellow sugar maple in the backyard, we staked them so there is no chance of hitting them in the spring with a mower. and we'll be sure to rememeber where they are.  I'm very pleased with what we have accomplished this year since moving in in April to a bare yard with no landscaping.  I will be especially anxious for spring to arrive.  But first we have to struggle with Old Man Winter!  Brrrr!

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joey said...

We will/must all hold tight 'til spring! :0)