Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two New Daylilies, Mary's Baby and Gentle Greetings

Marys' Baby

I finally moved all of the daylilies I wanted this year from  my daughter's garden to their new location in my front yard. (sorry, no picture. We accidentally left our camera outside in the rain for two days -- boo hoo) There's still plenty of room for more digging and planting next year.  This year alone I planted 79 different cultivars.  Whew!  A big thanks goes out to my husband who was there to help catalog each one that came out of the ground.  It was a huge and detailed job, making sure tags did not get mixed up and stayed with their rightful cultivar.
 Also I will always but thankful to my daughter and son-in-law for housing these daylilies in their yard and caring for them for three years until I sold my house. There are not too many people, in this day and age, who can say their family is so supportive and caring.
Once the garden was planted and I saw there is room for growth, I decided to treat myself with a new daylily to "christen" the garden. Luckily for me, the weather was fantastic through most of October.  My favorite daylily growers, New Every Morning Daylily, just south of the Grand Rapids area in Byron Center, Michigan, have a web site at So even though I have moved an hour away, I was able to go online and chose a new "baby." Her name is Mary's Baby.  I sent an email out to the Veurinks first to make sure they were still digging and shipping because it was well past the annual date listed that they put a halt to all daylily activity.  With  temps still in the 70s, they said they would gladly ship something my way.
I couldn't believe how quickly me new prize came, but the big surprise was the "bonus" plant which New Every Morning gives as a thank you.  The value of that plant is based on a percentage of what you spend. My bonus daylily was Gentle Greetings, and I must say they were very generous with the number of fans I received. It will most definitely bloom next summer.
Gentle Greetings

It will be a long winter this year, because I have something really exciting to look forward to for the first time in several years -- the blooming of my new garden.  It was truly worth waiting for. I never dreamed that I would be starting a new garden all over again at my age, but it such a thrill! I'll keep you posted as soon as the leaves start to pop through the soil and new scapes appear. Maybe I'll have a new camera by then :)

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Basil Becky said...

I am going to organize my lillies and next year! So this is good inspiration!!