Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bird Calls

Are you interested in birds?  I am.  I don't know whether you would call me a birder or a bird watcher, but I enjoy watching them at the feeder and their calls are like  sweet music to me.  Soon they will not be quite as noisy, as most of them are beginning their migration to the south.  But some of our loyal feathered friends hang around all winter.  One of my favorites is the cardinal because I especially love the contrast of their red plumage against the white snow.
Recently, I came across this Bird Call Challenge at  At this site, you can test your skill at identifying wild bird calls. I didn't too badly but was surprised at the ones I missed. Give it a try! Test your knowledge.  I would love to hear how you did!


Lucy said...

Despite living in an area where there are lots of interesting birds - and where there are often people with binoculars, telescopes and cameras out to catch glimpses of them . . . I can't rouse myself to find them interesting too. I've tried. I've stood looking up at a bird in a tree and asked myself whether I would like to take a photograph of it - and I wouldn't. There's something missing from my Nature Gene! (Wouldn't be without them though!)

Judy Eidle said...

I think I had that bird poster as a child! I'm about to take the bird call test...crossing my fingers. I also tweeted this! (@judyeidle)