Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Daylily Garden

The day I've been wating for is here!!!! I've finally started my new daylily garden at the new house.  Sometimes I didn't think it was ever going to happen, but after only 5 months in our new place, we have begun to carve it out.
Next step: rototill the center with a bigger machine, then bring in a load of black dirt. After that, I can start to split the daylilies that are "visiting" at my daughter's house; she gets a piece of each plant for all of her and my son-in-law's trouble.
This garden won't be nearly as large as what I've had in the past. I have plenty of room here, but I've decided to cut back a little. So the selection will be difficult.  I'll only choose my favorites and the best producers.
Of course I'll need to leave some room for a few new additions to christen the new area. Hmm, maybe it will be a little bigger than I thought. A woman has a right to change her mind, doesn't she?

 I'm so excited!!!!

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NHGarden said...

Looking forward to seeing your selections!