Thursday, August 11, 2011

Herbs Gone Wild

Ever wonder what you can do with all the herbs you've been growing?  Besides culinary uses, you can make your own medicinal aids and cures. Other than the herbs in your garden that you tend for carefully, there are a host of them growing wild right in your own back yard and neighboring woods.
My very good friend, Diane Kidman from Dkmommy Spot , Carpe Libris Reviews, and now also An Uncommon Thread has a recently published new herb book which you can download on your Kindle at Amazon or Nook at Barnes and Noble for only $.99!   It's called Herbs Gone Wild: Ancient Remedies Turned Loose! It will teach you everything you need to know about how you can become your family's own herbalist in a very easy and fun to read format.. You'll receive easy to use instructions on the uses of herbs for everything from speeding along the common cold to easing your child's earache naturally.
Herbs Gone Wild will soon be available in other formats, but if you have Kindle or Nook, here's your chance to get a copy now for this very low price.
Congratulations, Diane, on your new publication!

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