Sunday, August 14, 2011

California Giant Zinnias

I change my mind a lot.  It's a woman's prerogative, right? I don't change it when it comes to certain flowers. Zinnias have been a long time favorite of mine, since childhood, actually. I especially love the California Giant Zinnias. In my area, I can only get these by planting seeds, and I don't mind that a bit.
This strip along the driveway was cut out by the previous owner.  They changed their minds a lot, too. First it was all pebbles, then slate chips, and then they added wooded chips.  It was quite a mess to clean out. First I pulled out all of the irises and weeds, then raked the decaying wood chips out.  Then my husband got in on the project and dug out the stones and turned over the dirt.
I planted my zinnia seeds at the end of June.  This is not the way to go if you are impatient. But look what I have now.

Next year this strip along the driveway will go all the way to the road.  I plan to put in alternating tulips and daffodils for spring and then follow up with my pals, the zinnias. They don't need staking, even after being blasted by a very strong wind yesterday.
I had the driveway re-coated.a few weeks ago and the overspray painted them with hot black tar.  They didn't mind a bit. They just kept reaching for the sky, preparing to show off their beautiful colors.
If you don't mind the wait, go back to old-fashioned seed planting for your annuals.  It's very satisfying, plus it can save you a lot of money from greenhouse prices.  Zinnias are also a very good cutting flower, producing many blooms for your indoor vases.  For spring seed planting California Giant Zinnias are your best bet, in my opinion.


Crafty Gardener said...

I love zinnias in the garden too. Yours are looking lovely.

Lona said...

You just cannot beat zinnias for color and standing up to the heat. The giant colorful blooms are so welcome in the garden.

perky pet said...

Those are beautiful flowers and they really came in very well. Do you have any tips for a first time gardener? Do you have any suggestions on flowers that will bloom with stunning colors that are fairly easy to maintain?