Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stargazer Lily?

One thing fun about moving into a different house is discovering what the previous owner left behind in the garden.  In my case there wasn't much, but I think this might be a Stargazer Lily, one of the more popular forms of Oriental Lilies.  What do you think? I've been waiting a long time to see what these blooms would produce, and I was thrilled to see the pink color emerge. I was lucky it opened at all because Oriental and Asiatic lilies require full sun and sandy or loamy soil.  This one is in shade most of the day and the soil is very hard-packed.
  The "gardener" who lived here really didn't take time to create a picture; she just plopped things here or there. As you can see, this lily is standing all alone in a rocky bed with no mulch to cover the barren and hard ground.  Grouping it with the following plant would have made a beginning to a lily area, and then each lily could work in harmony with the others. My philosophy is always plant in 3s or 5s; odd numbers work best.

This lily was also planted alone by my front steps.  The buds look like they will produce white blooms. It's possibly a Casablanca Lily or maybe even a Madonna Lily. I'll let you know when this one blooms and we can guess at its name together.

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Nhan Le said...

so did you figure out whether it is white or pink?