Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oriole Fruit Salad

I love Baltimore Orioles!  Previously I had only seen a few in my life, and it was always exciting to see their beautiful, bright orange color and hear their lovely song.  Listen to their call here.  Since I moved to this wooded area they are numerous.  We sometimes have two or more on the feeder at the same time.  Yesterday I watched a mama Oriole feeder her youngster a piece of orange. I never knew before a few weeks ago that Orioles like all kinds of fruit.  I found this recipe for Oriole fruit salad.  I can't wait to try it, but I think I'll cut it in half.  In this heat I won't want to put out too much at a time.
If you give it a try, let me know your results.  I'll be interested to hear how it works for you.
1 c. cherries
2 oranges
1 c. raspberries
1 c. grape jelly
2 c. diced peaches
1 c. blackberries
2 c. diced pears
1.2 c. cornmeal

Use fresh, frozen & thawed, or canned fruit
Cut oranges, cherries, peaches, and pears into small beak-sized pieces. 
Toss all the fruit together in a large bowl. 
Heat the jelly in the microwave for 30 sec. to 1 min. until thin. 
Stir the jelly then pour over fruit. Mix until the fruit is well coated. 
Sprinkle cornmeal over mixture and stir again. 
Serve in a shallow dish on a separate table feeder. 
Refrigerate the remainder in a container and use within a few days.

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