Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Herbs and Container Gardening

Yes, my herbs in the blue and white container (it's really a Chinese foot bath) are a sad bunch.  I "rescued" them from the sale rack. I was really missing growing herbs so I thought I'd plant a pot full on my deck. With a little patience, they will soon be full and green and ready for harvesting for my favorites recipes.

This is one way you can grow herbs without a garden.  Just make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom of your pot. If there are none, you can drill some open yourself.  We purchased a ceramic drill bit and then I put my husband to work. Two or three holes is all that was needed. Most herbs prefer a well-drained soil.  Some actually like the soil quite dry; therefore they really do well even if you are a "forgetful" waterer.  But remember, plants in pots don't have access to the moisture in the ground around their roots.  There's no where to go for water when the container is dry, so it's up to you and Mother Nature to watch out for them. If you get a big rainfall and the pot doesn't drain fast enough, you may need to tip it a little and release some of the excess water.

This pot contains, parsley, thyme, mint, and basil.  Next year I hope to show you my new herb garden which is being planned out in my mind and on paper at this moment, but for now container gardening will have to satisfy my love of herbs. And I am perfectly content as long as I can run my hands over them on occasion and smell their pungent fragrance on my fingers.


Lona said...

Oh, that makes such a pretty planter.I am sure you will have those herbs looking great in no time.

Heidi said...

Such a beautiful planter even if it is a foot bath! lol I love the pattern on it.