Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daylilies - I Miss My Babies

Golden Compass

My daylilies are my babies. Since July arrived I've missed going out in the garden every morning to see what bloomed. My daylilies are currently living at my daughter's house, so I have to drive about 8 miles to go see them.
I must admit it was exciting to see how well they are doing there. We found a few tags that weren't in their correct places; that seems to be the case every year. I think as the plant gets larger throughout the season you tend to move the marking tag out so it can be read easily.  Then by the next spring, it's no longer near the base of the plant, but seems to be floating out there all by itself.  We righted a few wrongs and everything else looks great!
Soon I will start posting pictures of the spot in the yard I have planned for my new garden, and then as the black dirt moves in and the splitting and transplanting begins, you can follow along. I'm hoping to bring as many of my daylilies babies home as possible this fall, so my daylily love can fulfill me once more..

Farmer's Daughter


Michele said...

How beautiful!!
I love lilies!

Lona said...

I love lilies too and your are so pretty. I have to keep adding more every year as I find some beauties. I really like your Farmers Daughter. A pretty rose- pink.You will be glad to get your new garden going with your babies in it.

Becca said...

They are soooooo pretty :)