Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ornamental Trees

I love ornamental trees; I've planted them first thing every time I move. This particular tree is my absolute favorite. It's a double flowering pink weeping cherry ('pendula' prunus subhirtella).It reaches between 20-40 feet and bursts with lovely pink blossoms in the spring. If you like an orderly tree this is not the one for you. The branches shoot out of the top and go all crazy directions until they are heavy enough to fall into a weeping pattern. That's why I love it so much. It gives a real distinct look to an otherwise perfectly groomed yard.

As you see here, mine is wrapped securely to protect it from the rabbits (I've been told they are not a problem in my new area), but I am also worried about the deer. Nothing will stop them if they are hungry. I have some organic animal safe sprays that I will try. This tree was a birthday present so I want to protect it at all costs. Now it is a long wait until next spring to see if it will make it through the winter and show me its pink finery. If you haven't tried ornamental trees, get started! You'll love the beauty it adds to your yard.

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