Monday, May 9, 2011

Goldfinch Seed Mix

Finch Seed Mix

1 lb. canary seed
1 lb. hemp seed
2 lb. thistle (niger) seed
1 lb. black-oil sunflower seed
1/2 lb. white millet
1/2 lb. red millet
1/2. lb. flaxseed
1/2 lb. chopped peanuts

Mix all ingredients together and store in a cool place in a container with a secure lid or in a brown paper bag.

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Lucy said...

I can see why you would like to attract these birds to your garden!


Diane said...

Yes, such a beautiful photo! We've had a lot of them here this year, and I do believe it's because we have many of these seeds out for them. The red winged blackbird really enjoys the mix too.