Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birds, birds, birds

I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I'm constantly surprised and amazed with every new day. I thought there were a lot of birds where I lived before but it was nothing like this. So far this spring I have already spotted this oriole on my birdbath and it is not even set up properly yet. Robins bathe in the fresh rainwater daily.
I overheard some women talking in a restaurant yesterday; they said the hummingbirds have returned so I quickly put out my feeders.

I've seen more rose-breasted grosbeak in a week than I did in years just one hour south of here. I'm thinking until my garden has something to offer, you may be seeing a lot of birds on this blog.

Gardeningwise, I'm thrilled to see that the previous owner was a gardener and there are some plants popping up. So far I can detect lots of irises, at least one hosta, a peony bush, and something that I am unfamiliar with at this stage. Whatever it is, it is going to be quite large. I'll add to the existing beds until I have a chance to move the borders to my liking. Until then, it's like Christmas morning with each new dawn.
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