Friday, December 17, 2010

TV or not TV

Merry Christmas everyone! How is your shopping going?
This year I was done early. I decided to get it all done right after Thanksgiving because we are still showing our house, and it gets complicated trying to co-ordinate it all. We have been up for sale for two full years now; January begins the third. I just know it will sell soon now; it can't go on forever, right?

Anyway we have been dreaming about the day when we move and will be purchasing new furniture and a new tv. So,TV or not TV, that is the question! Here's where I need your help. We are debating and pricing size, make, and style, and should we place our tv on the wall or on a tv stand. (Click the highlighted word to see my many options.) I'm interested in what you have and how you feel about it. If I get a tv stand I want a nice looking one but not obtrusive to the room and its decor. This house will be smaller and may not have a separate family room, so the tv might end up in the actual living room for all to see. What style do you use? Does it close up to hide the television or do you show off your fancy new, HD large screen? Is there a protocol these days? Help! Comments welcome and encouraged!

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Lucy said...

Have no advice about televisions but would like to wish you a happy Christmas.


Margaret Duarte said...

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but we have televisions in almost every room of our house, well, four. We have a big screen built into the wall of our kitchen and love it. And another big screen in our Family Room (an older model that stands on its own and is way too wide). Then we have one in a built in wall unit in our living room that we can hide when not in use. Actually, I like them all. We bought our most recent big screen at Costco at a great price and have had no problems with it. Sorry, I'm not into makes and models so can't help you there.

Love the Christmas music in the background. Have a wonder Christmas and New Year, and good luck with your house sale and move. Maybe 2011 will be the year!

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