Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Last Hurrah!

The leaves have fallen and the cattails are ready to burst. We're actually past color peak here and the nights are colder. The furnace is running daily now, mostly just in the morning to warm the chilly floors and walls. We are preparing ourselves for winter.

But what's this? A walk around my garden brought a curious site. One lonely flower on each plant shown below. The garden had been completely cut back and there should have been no stems or buds left, but it seems there were a few that just refused to give up the show this year.
How many of these flowers can you name? The answer to follow in a few days. Have fun!

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1 comment:

Msrobin said...

The garden's last hurrah is always so very sad. We are expecting a hard frost tonight for the first time tonight, so I'm sure I'll be saying some goodbyes myself.