Friday, October 1, 2010

Garden Cleanup

I haven't been as active on Thyme for Herbs this year as I have been in the past. I'll admit it. I've been involved with other things. We've been trying to sell this house -- it's been on the market for almost two years. Facebook has taken up a lot of my time; I've reconnected with quite a few old friends, and that's a good thing and it's been a joy meeting up with them again, and I also got hooked into playing quite a few of the games.

Earlier this spring, I started an online business called Tedibles which sells all-natural dog treats and shampoos, etc. So besides creating the site, I also had to create and make the product.

Then there are the car shows my husband loves to go to, a few trips to the beach to sit in the sand and read a good book while the boats cruise lazily through the channel, and of course, family picnics, a wedding, and parties.

It seems like summer has just slipped away, but when I put it down here, I guess I have been pretty busy.

It's always with a heavy heart that I must put the garden to bed. The weather has not been extremely cooperative but there have been a few good days and I grab them when I can, if I'm not too tired from work and all of my other activities. I think I'm pretty much done now in the yard. I cut back the echinacea and rudbeckias this year. Usually, I leave them up for the birds but it doesn't look too pretty for potential buyers. I've noticed that the irises are getting more difficult for me to deal with. Maybe in my next garden I won't plant any of those, but I will sorely miss them.

I still think the daylilies are the easiest to handle. I cut the scapes back as they are done blooming and then just leave the leaves to gently fall and cover the base of the plant throughout the winter. It makes a good blanket for those cold, cold months. According to the Farmer's Almanac, we will have a very cold season this year. In the spring, it's a simple matter of pulling up the then dead greenery and cleaning up around the base of the plant to allow the new growth to come forth. There's no hard pulling and it's easy on my back.

The following are a few of my before and after picturs of my garden cleanup. What kind of things do you do to take care of your garden in the Fall? I'd like to hear all about it.

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CRY said...

Now you can enjoy all the fall leaves and compost them for your gardent next spring.